• Published On: 17 May, 2024

    Continuing with the Jules Verne theme, Horizon Watches adds a third dive watch to its line-up.  The Nemo is certainly a good looking timepiece with a fascinating new clasp mechanism.  Is that enough to make it stand out in a crowded field? [...]

  • Published On: 19 February, 2024

    TBC has been given access to Arcturus Watches’ final prototypes of their Lion City 2 Vanda Tourbillon.  Our thoughts about the upcoming KickStarter project are based on the time we spent with these three prototypes.  Folks, you are in for a treat! Photography by Ronald [...]

  • Published On: 23 November, 2023

    Swiss-based Ineichen Auctioneers has been selling watches and jewellery ever since its founding in 1973, continuing to delight collectors and experts alike with exquisite and delicate objects from every era of watchmaking and goldsmithery. Throughout history, people [...]



  • Published On: 26 February, 2024

    Watch industry executives are usually not the ones reaching out to buyers and collectors.  They are the show-runners, helping to set the stage for their retailers or sales staff to engage with consumers.  TBC hunted down one of these executives and sat him [...]

  • Published On: 23 November, 2023

    Surely enough time has passed since the MoonSwatch’s 2022 launch.  TBC feels it is perhaps safe now to talk about the absolute chaos that happened on that day.  We cannot think of a brand that would not kill to have that breadth and depth of [...]

  • Published On: 6 August, 2023

    Many of you would not recognise the name Fred Bekher.  But chances are you would have seen, touched and bought the watches he designed for, well, let's just say many watch brands.  In fact, Fred is so prolific in designing small tiny intricate things for [...]