Blancpain X Swatch Bioceramic Scuba Fifty Fathoms

by The Balance Coq

  • September 7, 2023

Swatch is celebrating another Swiss watchmaking icon, Blancpain’s . This watch was born exactly seventy years ago and revolutionized watchmaking by becoming the first true diver’s watch. Launched in 1953, the Fifty Fathoms was created by a diver to meet the needs of underwater exploration. It immediately became the professional timekeeping tool of choice for diving pioneers and elite marine corps around the world.

In its new collaboration, Swatch honors this icon with five new models, all while staying true to itself in a fun, playful way. Named Bioceramic Scuba Fifty Fathoms, the collection references the brand’s own diver’s watches, the SCUBA line. The watches in this non-limited collection faithfully reproduce all the Fifty Fathoms hallmarks: superior water resistance, outstanding legibility, mechanical movement, secured rotating bezel and anti-magnetic protection.  Blancpain and Swatch drew their inspiration from the deep seas to create a collection of five Swatch models. Each one is named after one of the blue planet’s five oceans: ARCTIC OCEAN, PACIFIC OCEAN, ATLANTIC OCEAN, INDIAN OCEAN and ANTARCTIC OCEAN.

True to form for a diver’s watch, the Bioceramic Scuba Fifty Fathoms is water resistant in deep water, down to 91 meters. It is another nod to Blancpain: the name Fifty Fathoms refers to the fathom — historically the maritime measure of depth in the English-speaking world — fifty fathoms equals 91 meters (or 300 feet).

The Bioceramic Scuba Fifty Fathoms is equipped with a Swatch mechanical movement, the SISTEM51, the first and only mechanical movement whose production is entirely automated. The mechanism is anti-magnetic, thanks to its Nivachron™ hairspring, and has just 51 parts including one central screw as well as a 90-hour power reserve. In 2013, SISTEM51 revolutionized the world of automatic watches with its visible movement: the front tells the time, the back tells the story.

In keeping with this idea, the back of all five watches features an illustration of a magnificent, colorful animal found in all five oceans: the nudibranchs (scientific name: Nudibranchia). They are featured in a digital print on the movement’s rotor. This rotor allows the watch to recharge automatically with a simple movement of the wrist.  On the ARCTIC OCEAN watch is the nudibranch Dendronotus Frondosus, characterized by its soft, subtle shapes.  The PACIFIC OCEAN features Chromodoris Kuiteri.  Bright as the sun, it recalls these warm, clear blue waters.  The ATLANTIC OCEAN has Glaucus Atlanticus.  Its deep blue colors pay tribute to wild seas.  But don’t be fooled: even though this species highlights the fragility of marine life, it’s still poisonous — nicknamed the blue dragon.  The INDIAN OCEAN, with its Nembrotha Kubaryana, evokes the mesmerizing colors of corals and the lush, dazzling waters.  Finally, the ANTARCTIC OCEAN features Tritoniella Belli, recalling the mystery and allure of icy polar waters.  It resembles an iceberg battered by storm waves.  All these nudibranchs actually live in the oceans their watches are inspired by.  Each watch also has a depiction of the ocean it represents on the back.

All the models in this collaboration between the two Swatch Group brands are made of Bioceramic. This unique material is patented by the brand and made of two-thirds ceramic and one-third biosourced material derived from castor oil. As an expression of commitment to ocean preservation, the NATO straps are made from recycled fishing nets that have been removed from the sea.  The shared Blancpain X Swatch logos can be found on the dial and crown.  The word “Swatch” is also inscribed on the case, just as “Blancpain” is inscribed on the original Fifty Fathoms watches. The back of the watch features inspirational inscriptions like PASSION FOR DIVING – LICENCE TO EXPLORE – OCEAN BREATH– PROTECT WHAT YOU LOVE and IMMERSE YOURSELF.

The watches in this new Swatch collaboration are available from September 9 and only at selected Swatch stores worldwide.  As with the Bioceramic MoonSwatch, purchases are limited to one watch per person per day.  The watches will be presented in a special diving case.  They will also be on display in selected Blancpain boutiques for several weeks.  In Singapore, the collection of 5 watches is priced at SGD565.00 individually.

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