Bulova Computron

A watch with an eye on the past, and the future, the Computron was Bulova’s overt American interpretation of what a digital quartz watch should be during the quartz crisis.  A tweaked and updated Computron line was introduced at the 2019 Baselworld (RIP).  TBC takes a look at the shiny stainless steel version.

Photography by Ronald Chew

by The Balance Coq

  • August 4, 2023

The 2019 Bulova Computron watch is a unique timepiece that combines retro-futuristic design with advanced digital technology.  It is a modern reimagining of the original Computron watch, which was introduced by Bulova in the 1970s.  This updated version retains the distinctive trapezoidal shape of its predecessor, making it instantly recognizable. The modern version features shallow grooves on top of the case, in place of the original’s gully-shaped groove. The sides are vertical slabs, only broken up by a recessed button on the left and an exposed button on the right.

It is plain to see that this particular example of the Computron is not for those looking for understated wrist candy.  The black version, though sportier than the stainless steel and gold plated versions, is arguably the most understated of the range.

The most notable feature of the Computron is its LED display, which is housed within the sloping side of the watch case.  The display is angled towards the wearer, allowing for easy readability.  This is an on-demand display to help manage battery life with the LED screen.  With a simple press of a button, the LED lights up to reveal the time in a bold, futuristic font.  Which may or may not be your cup of tea.  Perhaps a switch to LCD screens could afford Bulova the option of an always-on display?

The hours are displayed at the top, while the minutes are shown at the bottom.  Additionally, the date can be displayed by activating another button.  The quartz movement ensures precise timekeeping.

The Computron is a stylish and distinctive timepiece that appeals to those who appreciate a blend of retro charm and contemporary technology.  Its unique design, LED display, and functionality make it a conversation starter and a standout accessory on the wrist.  Is this a candidate for a daily beater? A resounding no.  With the shiny surfaces, the bright LED display, and most importantly, the press-to-display nature of its main function – time-telling , the Computron is the perfect Sunday wrist companion.


Case MaterialStainless Steel Silver Tone
Case Width31mm
Case Height13.8mm
Lug Width19mm
WearsTrue to size

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