The familiar DW-5000 silhouette is most likely what your mental image is when the word “Casio” is uttered, or read. Yes, that’s the one. In 2018, Casio made an entirely new product line based the Square, complete with metal bracelets (sorry, bands, per Casio nomenclature). You can have it in steel, gold, black DLC, rose gold, and even a peculiar shade of irradiated aubergine.  TBC takes a look at the more sober variants.

Photography by Ronald Chew

by The Balance Coq

  • August 1, 2023

In the spirit of their 35th Anniversary, Casio introduced an all-new (and much anticipated) “full metal” iteration of its classic DW-5000 watch.  With its old-school square case and full-metal shock-resistant structure, the G-Shock world went absolutely ballistic when this range was introduced at, of all places, Baselworld 2018.

Casio stuffed the classic silhouette with almost all the technology features;  the Full Metal Squares have tough solar technology (a built-in solar cell that harnesses energy via solar or artificial lighting), Multi Band 6 Radio Controlled Timekeeping, atomic clock accuracy (updating regularly throughout the day), world time featuring 300 different cities, alarm function, 1/100th second chronograph, perpetual calendar, and low energy consumption Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity.  When synced with the “G-Shock Connected” mobile application, you can do everything from setting text reminders, to manually syncing atomic time with the push of a button. Basically, what the Apple Watch should have been all along.

TBC has a couple of minor grouses about the series.  At USD500, should one be expecting more than mineral crystals for the Full Metal Squares?  Perhaps Casio is reserving scratch resistant sapphire crystals for products much higher up the range? And while TBC is sure the metal versions are just as hardy as their plastic resin brethren, we would not recommend wearing the Full Metal Squares for actual sporting activities.  Scratches and shiny metallic surfaces do not exactly go along like a horse and carriage.  The Full Metal Square wears a bit on the larger side due to the higher angle that the lugs point down in, and the length of the end-links.  Due to the stretchability of resin bands, the normal Squares are a better fit on smaller wrists.

The metal bracelet (we are sticking with bracelet!) acquits itself rather well.  Casio use heavy, solid steel links and easy-to-adjust bracelets that use small spring bars to connect the links, as opposed to more traditional pins.  You still need a tool to adjust the bracelet size, but it is quite easy.  Unlike more flimsy metal bracelets of the past, these bracelet links and deployants are sturdy solid metal and not thinner stamped elements.  Perhaps this is where Casio spent most of the development budget on.  A wise move.

The Casio Full Metal Square watch is like the Swiss (Ah, the irony with the choice of analogy, we know!) Army knife of timepieces – versatile, dependable, and ready to handle whatever life throws your way. It is not just a timekeeper, but a conversation starter, a fashion statement, and a technological wonder. It’s a wrist party, and you’re the guest of honour.


ModelFull Metal Square
ReferenceGMW-B5000 Series
Case MaterialStainless steel
Case Dimensions49.3mm x 43.2mm
Case Height13mm
Water Resistance200m
Lug Width25mm
WearsLarge; lugs can be an issue for slimmer wrists

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