Gorilla Outlaw Drift

In the realm of horology, wrist presence is often a nebulous concept, blending the tangible aspects of a watch’s dimensions and design with the intangible allure it exudes.  The Gorilla Outlaw Drift, a creation from the audacious Swiss watch brand Gorilla, is a masterclass in commanding wrist presence, melding bold aesthetics with innovative materials to create a watch that is as striking as it is distinctive.

Photography by Ronald Chew

Gorilla Outlaw Drift Landscape

From the moment you set eyes on the Gorilla Outlaw Drift, it’s clear that this is not a watch for the faint-hearted.  Designed by Octavio Garcia, former creative director at Audemars Piguet, and Lukas Gopp, formerly of IWC and Omega, the Outlaw Drift carries a design ethos that is unapologetically daring.  It stands out in a sea of homogenized timepieces, embracing an aesthetic that is both futuristic and rooted in the rebellious spirit of the 70’s American muscle car culture that inspired its creation.

The case, measuring 42mm in diameter, is constructed from a combination of  (brilliantly radial-brushed) Grade 5 titanium.  The metal not only provides a lightweight and durable frame, but also imbue the watch with a rugged, almost industrial feel.  The layered construction of the case, with its intricate interplay of textures and finishes, creates a visual depth that is mesmerizing.  The titanium bezel, punctuated by four corner Allen head bolts,  provides an ideal canvas for the Wandering Hours complication.

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Ah yes, the dial of the Outlaw Drift is where the magic truly happens.  The aluminium Wandering Hours discs set in anodized (Pacific) blue is framed by a matching flange.  Set against a dark grey snail milled baseplate, the watch’s dynamic character is unquestionably conveyed to anyone looking at it.  The sweeping seconds hand, dressed in a vibrant red, is reminiscent of the needles on a muscle car’s rev-counter and speedometer.  Each glance at the watch reveals new details, making it a perpetual source of fascination for the owner of the Outlaw Drift.

The Outlaw Drift’s party trick is actually an ETA-2824-2 movement with a Vaucher Manufacture-supplied module G-5238 sitting on top.  And yet, even with the piggyback module attached, the Outlaw Drift manages to get a 38 hours power reserve rating.

Despite what its tonneau-shaped case might suggest, the Gorilla Outlaw Drift sits comfortably on the wrist, thanks to its ergonomic design and the strategic use of lightweight materials.  The (open, with engraved sapphire display) titanium caseback and the supple rubber-Cordura hybrid strap contribute to a snug and secure fit, making the watch surprisingly wearable even for those with smaller wrists.  The curvature of the lugs and the flexible strap ensure that the watch conforms to the natural contours of the wrist, providing both stability and comfort during extended wear.

Gorilla Outlaw Drift 3
Gorilla Outlaw Drift 2
Gorilla Outlaw Drfit 1

One Last Thing…

The wrist presence of the retro-futuristic Gorilla Outlaw Drift is undeniably commanding.  It is a watch that demands attention, not through ostentatious luxury, but through its sheer audacity and innovative design.  It is the kind of timepiece that sparks conversations and elicits admiration from those who appreciate bold design and mechanical ingenuity.  The Outlaw Drift is not just a watch; it’s a statement of individuality and a celebration of unconventional thinking.


BrandGorilla Watches
ModelOutlaw Drift
Reference –
Case MaterialTitanium
Case Diameter42mm
Case Height13.8mm
Water Resistance100 metres
MovementETA 2824-2 base movement, with a Vaucher Manufacture bespoke piggyback module
ProductionDiscontinued; Limited Production of 250 pieces
WearsSmaller than its 42mm suggests

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