With the Innerview series, TBC engages in more in-depth conversations with people in and around the watch industry. From the ubiquitous watch sales person to the watchmaker, the marketer, the authorised dealer, the grey dealer or even the brand owner themselves. They all have stories from their perspectives, just waiting to be heard.

  • Published On: 2 August, 2023

    Your friendly neighbourhood watch sales executive.  The face of watch boutiques.  That first port of call.  The harbinger of success, and failure.  With the latter, they transform into objects of ire.  And with the supply-demand situation being the way it has been for the [...]

  • Published On: 1 August, 2023

    The name "Sugi Kusumadi" should not be unfamiliar, if you are an active member in Singapore's fractured and sprawling watch community.  The man is the owner and the face of Red Army Watches (or simply, RAW). TBC sat down recently with the very busy man [...]