GREEN is IN: The M.A.D.1 Comes in a New Colour

Here are the official photographs from MB&F

MAD1 Green 3

by Asher Young

  • September 12, 2023

Ever since the M.A.D.1 Red launched and went on sale via a raffle system in March 2022, it has been a popular hit - the proof was in the sheer number of entries for the raffle, which far outnumbered the production quantities in the order of hundreds.

Max Busser has announced the discontinuation of the M.A.D.1 Red with the replacement with the M.A.D.1 Green, and this piece of news would inevitably leave the camp of people still yearning for the M.A.D.1 Red feeling a tad disheartened. Or perhaps, you belong to the camp that is excited to be a potential would-be owner of the cool new M.A.D.1 Green.

Nevertheless, it would be safe to say that we can all agree the good news is that the M.A.D.1 will still continue to be in production. If you are looking forward for a chance to own the new M.AD.1 Green, entries for the raffle are accepted from now till 26 September.

The M.A.D.1 Green is priced at CHF 2900 excluding tax, and you may sign up for the raffle here. May the odds be ever in your favour.

MAD1 Green 1
MAD1 Green 2

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