Spring Sprang Sprung (SPRG) Returns Bigger and Bolder!

by The Balance Coq

  • October 18, 2023

In October 2022, SPRG debuted in Singapore as a fun, casual, welcoming and inclusive watch fair.  Co-founders Sugi Kusumadi (Red Army Watches) and Lim Yong Keong (Feynman Timekeepers) aspire for the fair to be a platform where brand owners and enthusiasts alike get together on an annual basis to share their passions, ideas, suggestions and more.  SPRG brought together over 20 local, regional and international independent watch brands to an estimated 1,200 visitors over the span of three days.  The organisers have lined up a series of panel discussions, and workshops throughout the duration of the fair.

“We have 50% more exhibitors this year compared to 2022; so expect to be inundated by all things watches! Other than that, the well-received sharing sessions by our select panels of experts will be back again with interesting topics. I promise you that these will be very lively and insightful!”

Sugi Kusumadi

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Vitreous Enameling Workshop by Charlotte Hoe

In this workshop, Singaporean master enamellist, Charlotte Hoe, guides a 1.5 hours workshop on the art of vitreous enameling. Participants are introduced to the captivating world of vitreous enameling with Charlotte as a guide to its intricacies and many techniques. During the workshop, participants will craft their own silver enameled key ring. They will immerse themselves in the process of layering enamel powder onto a silver blank, and witness the colours transform through the firing process in a kiln. After the workshop, the key ring will undergo further refinement, plating and assembly. Participants can expect to receive their completed keyring within a span of four weeks post-workshop.

Leather Straps Workshop by Shuyi Ng

Shuyi Ng, Chief Artisan of local leather atelier, Yi Leather, walks participants of this workshop through the process of crafting a simple hand-stitched pair of watch leather straps. Every participant learns the process of how a pair of watch straps is made with a hands-on experience on saddle stitching technique and brings home a set of handcrafted watch straps. Materials and tools are provided for the workshop.

Shuyi Ng
Alvin Sim

Watchmaking Experience in 2 Hours by Alvin Sim

Spend 2 hours with WOSTEP certified watchmaker, Alvin Sim, as he brings participants through the physics of how a mechanical watch works. Every participant will experience how to remove a mechanical movement safely and also learn about best practices to maintain a mechanical watch. Materials and tools are provided.

This year, SPRG returns and runs from October 20-22 at XM Studios.

SPRG 2023 sees a diverse mix with exhibitors coming from a total of eight different countries. These exhibitors bring with them a wide variety of styles, with prices ranging from around SGD500 (USD360) to over SGD6,000 (USD4,500). Returning exhibitors such as Zelos, Atelier Wen, Vario, RZE, Arcturus, Konnii, Haavan Tuvali, Feynman Timekeepers and Horizon Watches are joined by first-time exhibitors including FORMEX, BOLDR, Vesuviate, Selten, Atowak and more.

SPRG is proud to have independent Swiss watchmaker, Oris, on board this year. As the fair’s key exhibitor, Oris emphasises both the brand and the fair’s commitment to engaging the watch enthusiast crowd. Oris’ Sales & Marketing Manager, Calvin Yeo, says, “Oris is excited to be part of this community-driven watch fair organised by the two well-recognised watch enthusiasts, Lim and Kusumadi. It is the first time we are participating in this fair and we look forward to meeting local watch enthusiasts, the kind of crowd that Oris always strives to engage with. It’s going to be a good one!”

For more details on the event, please visit: https://www.spring-sprang-sprung.com/

Friday, October 20: 11:00-18:00
Saturday, October 21: 11:00-18:00
Sunday, October 22: 11:00-17:00

XM Studios
Kitchener Complex Level 3 XM Store
809 French Road
Singapore 200809
Tel: 6797 2800

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