Swatch Celebrates the 400th Anniversary of the Château de Versailles

by The Balance Coq

  • September 20, 2023

On September 14, Swatch in collaboration with the Château de Versailles is launching 3 brand new Swatch X You designs as well as 3 pre-selected models inspired by the renowned historical monument.

The three overarching themes of the collection revolves around the characters, architecture and the gardens of the Château de Versailles.

sa02 suok146 016


This design is inspired by the Queen’s Theatre and pays tribute to the Château de Versailles’ most iconic characters. The main characters are depicted on stage performing a play. The audience can admire the Sun King suspended in midair amongst the clouds. Marie-Antoinette is seated to the left on a giant cake. Maria Leszczynska is on horseback in the center and Madame de Pompadour to the right on a swing. All of this is immortalized backstage by the painter Jacques-Louis David Molière is observing the stage via a trapdoor underneath it.


This design highlights the iconic architectural elements of the Château de Versailles. Here we have the Royal Gate in yellow in the foreground. This contrasts wonderfully with the dominant royal blue, and one of the facades of the former royal residence in the background. The sky is lit up with fireworks and the fleur-de-lis, the symbol of royalty. The design is framed by the black and white Cour de Marbre.

sa02 suok145 055
sa02 suok144 057


This design invites us to imagine ourselves in the gardens of Château de Versailles and discover what treasures they harbour. Nature is depicted splendidly with its many topiary trees, characteristic of the French-style garden. Here we also find other essential elements of the Gardens of Versailles, including statues, fountain, gazebo and Apollon, the symbol of the Sun King. This is Château de Versailles in all its splendour!

The ready-to-wear watches are available from the Château de Versailles online boutique , in the Château’s boutiques and in participating Swatch stores.  They are individually priced at 105€ / SGD150.
The Swatch X You – Château de Versailles customizable designs are available on the Swatch X You platform.  These are individually priced at 130€.

sc01 Swatch XYou Versailles Characters Static
sc01 Swatch XYou Versailles Architecture Static
sc01 Swatch XYou Versailles Graden Static

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