Swatch Teases Blancpain Collaboration

For everyone wondering what’s next for Swatch, after the immense commercial and critical success of the MoonSwatch series, wonder no more.

Live photography by Ronald Chew

by The Balance Coq

  • September 4, 2023
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Swatch is releasing a 5-piece collaboration with Blancpain, on what is to be the Fifty Fathom’s 70th anniversary.  How do we know that it will be a 5-piece collaboration?  Just as the MoonSwatch was based on a planetary theme on account of the Speedmaster Professional being the first watch on the moon, the new collaboration will be oceans-themed.  And, as luck would have it, the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic and Antarctic Oceans make 5.

Blancpain MBS display

Swatch and Blancpain boutiques will open their doors for business today with mysterious bright yellow Pelican cases greeting customers and passer-bys. The buzz on watch forums, subreddits and Instagram is already palpable.  One can only guess what the fun-killing scalpers and grey dealers think about this collaboration.  Maybe they have to pay the Blancpain website for a bit of a read first?

And as is the case for the MoonSwatch, the new collaboration will only be available for purchase at selected Swatch outlets.  VIPs will have to learn to queue with mere mortals if they want to get their hands on these BioCeramic Fifty Fathoms.

Swatch Blancpain Display Front

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