Finally! Swatch X Blancpain Scuba Fifty: Ocean Of Storms

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When the Swatch X Blancpain Scuba Fifty series was launched last year, every collector had a take on it.  Some liked it.  Some expected the collaboration to head in a different direction.  But there was a universal stance – where is the black version?

Taking a leaf out of Apple’s “One more thing…” presentation playbook, Swatch has finally announced the availability of a Scuba Fifty in black.  Introducing the Ocean of Storms – a murdered-out all black version of the bioceramic Scuba Fifty.  And may we be so bold as to proclaim this as possibly the best of the Scuba Fifty collection even before it has hit the Swatch stores. Unlike the earlier watches which are decidedly more playful and colourful, the Ocean of Storms is a sober affair, and more importantly for collectors, one that is effectively a bioceramic version of a modern Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Automatique.  Did we mention that the dial is a sunburst black?  There is just the right pop of colour in the form of orange accents for the depth rating and the tip of the seconds hand.  Paired with a black-with-white-striping NATO strap, it looks exactly like what collectors had in mind when the Swatch X Blancpain collection was teased.

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TBC staffers are very excited about this new release, and we hope you are too!

Before you go trudging off to a Swatch boutique near you to join an orderly queue, we have great news for you.  This won’t be a limited edition one-off à la the MoonSwatch Gold series; the Ocean of Storms will be a regular production model.  The Ocean of Storms will be in select Swatch stores on 11 January 2024.  So walk, don’t run.

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