TAG Heuer Motorsports Experience at ION Orchard Singapore

by The Balance Coq

  • September 7, 2023
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It is September in Singapore, and if you follow motorsports, you will know what that means.  The Formula 1 freight train will be running right through the island-state.  As a brand that has traditionally been involved in motorsports, and as a main sponsor of the Red Bull Racing team, TAG Heuer has set up a two-storey pop-up lounge to celebrate the upcoming Singapore F1 night race.  It is located just outside glitzy ION Orchard in the country’s main shopping destination.

There is a collection of racing-themed TAG Heuer watches to showcase their long and storied involvement with motorsports.  Also on display is a 2018-spec Formula 1 racing car (sans engine), driven by Red Bull Racing ace and 2-time Formula 1 World Champion Max Verstappen.  Sorry, you cannot touch or sit in it. We tried.  There are plenty of other Red Bull Racing paraphernalia on display, from an actual driving suit to a F1-spec racing helmet.  For those who reckon they are just as good as a Formula 1 driver, you can test your reaction speed on the light training system, and find out how big the talent and ability gap really is.

Head on upstairs, and there is a full fledged Formula 1 racing simulator around the Singapore race circuit.  TAG Heuer is not kidding around – they will ask for your contact details before you get to drive three laps.  In the event that you have the fastest lap time, you stand to win somethingTBC staffers were so bad at the driving simulator, no one bothered to ask what the prize was.

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The pop-up lounge is open from now to 17 September 2023, when the Formula 1 race reaches its climatic end in the Lion City.  Mark it down on your calendars – both Red Bull Racing drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez are scheduled to appear at the pop-up on 14th September (Thursday) at 5PM.

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